Please call to find out about our regular Karaoke league competitions.  Sing, drink and make new friends!


​​11 E. 13th Street (University Plc/5th Avenue) 

Tel: (646) 486-3225; (212) 255-8787

Check out the most up-to- date and wide-ranging karaoke song list in NYC by downloading Healsonic app on your smart phone!  


Karaoke Cave

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​​The Karaoke Cave in New York is situated under Le Midi restaurant, near Union Square, in the heart of Greenwich Village. It has a big bar and lounge and you are free to walk around with the mike. The Karaoke Cave karaoke private rooms can be reserved. There are four of varying sizes for groups of 4 to 35 people (see our party packages in Special Offers) which can be hired for $4 per person per hour before 8pm and for $8 thereafter excluding tax/gratuity. ​The karaoke song list is huge and updated monthly, download Healsonic app on your smart phone for an up to date list. As well as English language songs, there are plenty in French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Korean and Filipino. You get a free song with the purchase of a drink. Happy hour is from 5pm to 8pm Sunday through Friday. French and classic American food can also be ordered at the bar. Everyone is welcome whether you are a beginner or Broadway star and there is no cover charge for entry. 

Opening hours

​Mon - Thurs: 5pm-1am

​Fri: 5pm-4am

Sat: 6pm-4am

Sunday: 5pm-1am