Opening hours

​Sun - Thurs: 5pm-1am

​Fri-Sat: 5pm-4am

​​11 E. 13th Street (University Plc/5th Avenue) 

Tel: (646) 486-3225; (212) 255-8787

Come join us for the most fun and musical happy hour in town from 5pm to 8pm Sunday to Friday.

Happy Hour drinks menu

Well drinks 5

Draft Beer

Bud Light 4

Sierra Nevada 5

Stella Artois 5

Bottled Beer

                                                           Coors Light 4             Heineken 5

                                                            Budweiser 4              Corona 5

                                                           Blue Moon 5         Brooklyn Lager 5

                                                            Guinness 5                Sapporo 5


All wines on our KC list 7 glass/26 bottle (Except Pinot Noir)

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